Welcome to the
21-Day Run-Hike-Yoga-Meditation Challenge


Join Elevate Cincinnati and Elevate Excursions in gaining a healthier mind, body & soul in less than a month.

Be kind to your body, spend time in nature, bring out the best in yourself, and prepare for Elevate Cincinnati, an Elevate Excursion or another awesome adventure with this 21-day run, hike, yoga & meditation challenge. Whether you are new to one or all four of these activities, we designed this program as a way for you to build a consistent, balanced routine so you will be ready for the big event (whether it’s the one day event in Cincy or another kind of adventure) .


Each day lists a distance/time minimum and combination of running, hiking, yoga and meditation. For example, Day 1 asks that you complete a 3-mile hike. Some days are more restful days and one day contains a special challenge while every sixth day combines all three!

Start this challenge whenever you’re able to commit to 21 days of run-hike-yoga-meditation, or simply count back 21 days from Elevate Cincinnati, Elevate Excursion or event you’ll be working towards. If you are ready for it, feel free to go beyond the times/distances listed. The most important thing is that you consistently complete the minimums—even if that means walking during a run period or resting with your legs up the wall during a yoga session.

*See the calendar below.*

*Join the private FB group to grab yoga videos & meditation audios. They will be shared in the group throughout the month.*

*Click HERE to grab a PDF version of the calendar.*

We know everyone has a different schedule, so you can switch the days around to accommodate your needs.  



Elevate Cincinnati is a one-day trail running, hiking, yoga & fitness event in Cincinnati, OH.  Participants choose their own adventure - there are 13+ classes offered throughout the day. By the end of this 21-day challenge, we guarantee you will be ready to participate in Elevate Cincinnati this September 7th, 2019 at Grailville in Loveland, OH.



Elevate Excursions are multi-day hiking, yoga & meditation trips (we may offer running trips in the future) around the world.  The trips are built to challenge you and help you elevate your fitness and your life.  On the excursions you will also learn the best techniques to stay injury free so you can keep getting outside and doing what you love.  You will go home inspired and with new, amazing, like-minded friends. By the end of this 21-day challenge, we guarantee you will be ready to participate in an Elevate Excursion (tho, for a few of the trips you should start training sooner - just ask Heather!).

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