Heather Feather is the founder of ELEVATE Cincinnati. Through her studies of yoga and fitness with a variety of teachers around the world she was inspired to share the benefits of both. She knows how transformational taking charge of your health can be and desired to bring more experiences like she has had to her hometown. In 2017, Elevate Cincinnati was born!


My best friend and I loved everything about the day! My favorite part about Elevate Cincinnati was all of the different class experiences both indoor & outdoor. I really loved the meditation portion and plan to incorporate that it into my daily life. The food was so fresh and healthy, especially for me being vegetarian. I loved it!
— Natalie Barger

elevate cincinnati hiking.jpg

My favorite part of Elevate Cincinnati was meeting new healthy, people. I also really loved experiencing different types of exercise than Iā€™m used to. Elevate cincinnati has ignited an interest in yoga.
— Cynthia Sheakley


My favorite part about Elevate Cincinnati was the venue & the layout. The opening ceremony put us in the mood. I am thinking more about my wellness and even though I train twice a week, do a spin and a pilate class, I could be better. I am definitely in next year and going to bring my boyfriend, Rick! It was awesome to see men there!
— Kelly Dehan